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On the verge of a new life, Augustina Fletcher was pulled back into the old when a car wreck killed her mother and left her father paralyzed. While holding the family together, Augustina has lost hold of herself and her dreams. But when her life suddenly spirals out of control, she has to decide whether or not her safe, simple existence is good enough or if she should try to catch her dreams before they fall away for good.

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One day, nineteen-year-old Katherine Earle simply drove away. From her life, from her husband, from her past. She’s been on the road ever since, never stopping for long and never putting down roots that might force her to call someplace “home.” Now, three years later, she finds herself inexplicably tumbling back into the small Montana town she thought she’d left forever. Confronted daily by reminders of the past and the ambiguities of the present, Kat must choose between the woman she has become and the girl she left behind.


Eleven years ago, Wichita Gray cut herself off from her tortured family by moving to Chicago with her lifelong friend, Jonah LiaKos. But lately she’s beginning to wonder if she could be someone, anyone, apart from Jonah. While plotting how to survive the shock of separation, Wichita is broadsided by her pregnant, runaway, little sister dropping in unannounced on her Chicago doorstep. One thing leads to another until Wichita is forced onto a path that will help her discover what matters most, so she can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and grab her chance to get it right.


The daughter of American missionaries, twenty-six-year-old Nicci Bradford must confront her life and her future in the United States. To help her, she has philosophy and insight from classic Kung-Fu movies starring Jackie Chan. Although she feels a strong connection with a rootless wanderer named Ethan, who works at a nearby Boston coffee shop, Nicci finds herself being sucked into the shallow world of “proper” and “normal” in US society. In the end, she is faced with a dilemma: to go along and become the proper all-American woman with the beige house on the cul-de-sac or to break free and follow her dreams.

"The odd thing about me is that so long as the creative animal is alive within me I am happy." --Hugh Walpole