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The inevitable question encountered by a writer is: "What do you write?" In trying to answer that, I have realized that categorization is what has gotten me into trouble throughout my writing career. Despite attempts by publishers, reviewers, and myself to squeeze the books into various trends, they have consistently refused to be squeezed.

One reviewer called my books "stories about uprooted young Americans." This is true. But they are also stories about human beings who are searching for a place to belong; who are striving to understand the people who care for them and the people who don't; who are afraid of the unknown; who are striding into the unknown despite their fear.

So in response to the question "What do you write?", all I can answer is: "Books about people."

I hope you enjoy them.


"I believe it would be a bad day for a writer if he could say, 'I know exactly what I am doing.'" --Graham Swift