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Tracking the Wild Novel VI

January 21, 2006

(Late) January Newsletter from the desk of Karen Brichoux


*Article: Tracking the Wild Novel
*What Iím Reading


*Yeah, yeah...this newsletter is l.a.t.e. Insert loads of whining here about how Iíve been busy, buried under holiday-backup, and then there was the little matter of getting the proposal for the next book finished. I will add that when Iím writing, everything else (including food and sleep) takes a back seat. Okay, whining finished.

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*Article: Tracking the Wild Novel: Lovesick

Do you know the cliche about lovesick people? The cliche about how they stare off into space and donít notice what theyíre doing? Naughty children feed them caterpillars and delight in watching the lovesick person eat the fuzzy creature without even noticing? Iím at that point with my draft. My agent could call me and say ďWe just made an unbelievable foreign deal! Weíre gonna make out like bandits!Ē and I would reply ďThatís nice. You wouldnít believe how this scene I was working on today just took off and gave me this idea to...Ē

Iím actually not exaggerating. Later, after what the agent said finally sank in, I would celebrate my good fortune, but when Iím writing, the only real world is the world in the book.

This is actually a good thing. The life of the author is a long series of hurry-up-and-waits--enough hurry-up-and-waits that a saint would do something unsaintly--and every waiting period tries my patience and sends me over the edge. Unless Iím writing. So the key to my sanity--if you can call my mental state sane--is to immerse myself in writing as much as I can.

So hereís to the world of the imagination. Long may it live.


*What Iím Reading:

RABBIT HILL by Robert Lawson

DREAM DAYS by Kenneth Grahame